The environment around Llandre village is beautiful and varied.

Look out for our red kites!

Environmental projects

Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage has done much to record and protect the local environment.

Since our establishment of the charity, much work was carried out under the unstinting leadership of Roger Haggar in order to:
manage the woodlands above the village
restore dry stone walls in the old churchyard, and protect the gravestones
safeguard natural habitats
create relaxed walks through the trees for you to enjoy our wonderful environment.

A great deal of this work was carried out with the help of volunteers who were tackling substance misuse problems. Their work with Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage has helped many of them create a new life for themselves.

Nature reports

We have also commissioned a number of reports on wildlife in the area.

 (c) Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage

In 2015 Annette Williamson, a botanist from the village, carried out a survey of the wild flowers and other wildlife in six fields surrounding Castell Gwallter; a Norman motte-and-bailey castle overlooking Llandre.
The fields were found to hold some 167 species of wild plants, 15 species of butterfly, at least 6 different mammals, 24 species of birds and 2 reptile species. The wildlife to be found on these lightly cattle grazed fields (unfertilised and not drained since the 1950s), surrounded by old hedges and woodland, makes this an area of valuable conservation importance, bearing in mind that Wales has lost 98% of its species-rich wild flower meadows over the last 60 years.

You can read Annette's full report on the wild flowers and other wildlife of the Castell Gwallter pastures HERE
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