The Churchyard Inscriptions

From this page you can search all the gravestone inscriptions in both parish church churchyards. You can also find detailed reports on aspects of the graves and inscriptions.

Detailed reports

Read the history of the churchyards HERE
Find out about tombstone art and decoration HERE
Read some tombstone inscriptions in English HERE
Read some tombstone englynion in Welsh HERE

Graves in the woods (c) Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage

Graves in the woods

Gravetone inscriptions

Use the links below to read all the inscriptions, or to search for a particular one.
The churchyards are divided into a total of 11 areas. A PDF document lists the inscriptions on each gravestone in each separate area. You can search the PDF documents for a particular inscription, the look at the map for the relevant area to find the exact location of the grave in the churchyard.M

Here is the index to all graves in the old and new churchyard:Index to old and new churchyards

Here are the document listing the inscriptions in each area:
Old churchyard area A
Old churchyard area B
Old churchyard area C
Old churchyard area D
Old churchyard area E
Old churchyard area F
Old churchyard area G
Lower churchyard area H
Lower churchyard area J
Lower churchyard area K
Lower churchyard area L

Here are the maps for each area:
Map of the old churchyard
Map of area A
Map of area B
Map of area C
Map of area D
Map of area E
Map of area F
Map of area G
Map of lower churchyard area H-L

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