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Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn (St Michael’s church in the mouth of the vale), the old name for the parish and Llandre area, is a place of history and culture. A spot of beauty and calm, with some of the best wildlife in mid Wales.

Llandre Church, by Phil Jones (c) Phil Jones

Llandre Church, by Phil Jones

This website gives you a taste of the history, the walking paths and the environment of the area, as well as information about the charity's projects.

It also includes a searchable database of the baptism, marriage and burial records of the parish church, together with the inscriptions of all the graves in the church’s two cemeteries.

Local News!

Note that we've added Annette Williamson's full report on the wildlife around Castell Gwallter to the website.

Some of our heritage highlights:

A striking church cemetery on a steep wooded slope – "one of the wonders of the Earth” according to Sir TH Parry-Williams, one of Wales’ most respected 20th century writers
A two thousand year old yew tree, one of the oldest trees in West Wales
Castell Gwallter, a Norman motte-and-Bailey castle destroyed by the Welsh
Glanfrêd farmhouse, site of the family home of the Bridget Pryse, mother of Edward Lhuyd, the famous naturalist, antiquarian and scholar who founded the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

Our projects

Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage has worked to repair stone walls, protect wildlife and manage woodlands in the village. We have created a number of walking paths for you to enjoy our heritage, including the Poetry Path that celebrates the living literary tradition of the area.

Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage established the innovative project Peaceful Places, a trail that links a dozen holy sites in north Ceredigion.

And us

We are a community charity established in 2003 to safeguard and promote this unique heritage.

Browse the website to find out more about us, our work and the rich heritage of this beautiful place.

Treftadaeth Llandre Heritage would like to thank the following for permission to use their photographs on this website: Phil Jones (http://www.philjonesphotography.com/), Mary Thomas, Annette Williamson and Countryscape (http://countryscape.org/).

The village as it was


By Phil Jones, http://www.philjonesphotography.com/ (c) Phil Jones

By Phil Jones, http://www.philjonesphotography.com/

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